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KingsTeamInternational was established in 2004 to help small business owners with their needs of creating an online presence which many did not have at that time. Several years later, there are still far too many small businesses that either don't have a website, or do have a website, but no one is visiting it. Surprisingly, many aren't really looking for ways to improve and that is what sends people out of business. As a small business owner today you need to understand the internet, or have someone in your corner who does.

That is where our wide range of web design and business consultation services will come in handy for small busineses.

We are here to assist you. Whether you need a website, a complete redesign, improvements made to your current website Or simply need someone to help you run your business better. We want to help you to be more efficient, and grow your bottom line. Our team of professionals run businesses, and network with several business owners. This gives us a Network of resources to assist our clients with. Often running a small business can be difficult without the proper resources and connections. We'll share ours with you - Read more about all of our services below.

While considering any investment in your business please understand that those are the best investments you can make! There are two kinds of people in business. People who invest in growing their business and people who are slowly going Out of business! Let's have a serious conversation about the things you can do to improve! Let's also talk about your budget so that you can properly scale your business up and stay IN business!

Read more about Our Web Design Services below.

Read more about Our Business Consultation Services.

Web Design

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We speak HTML, HTM, PHP, CSS & JS - if you're looking for web designers that speak different languages we can help you find the right ones. We also can help with SEO (search engine optimization) - as there are several websites online and if you're not being found by your target market that isn't good! We are here to help with all of your website needs!

Not all web designers are affordable, not all do what they say they will do. We pride ourselves on being unlike other web design companies. We build websites that help you, the small business owner, bring your Vision into reality. Our rates are very affordable and depend entirely on the size and scope of each project.

Our Lead Web Designer is certified through University Cal State Dominguez, and has been building websites since 2004.

Current Web Design Hourly Rates are set at $40 - Realizing you have several options available to you we seek to offer affordable rates for our clients. You'll need to set up a Consultation with us for your website (which is Free for one Hour) - during that time we'll be able to determine how much time will be needed for your website. We help with everything you need to get up and running. We'll help you find affordable website hosting, domain name hosting, and will recommend the things you really need to Grow your business.

We will work with you according to your budget - but absolutely recommend not taking short cuts with your website. This is a very important investment and it can help, or hinder your bottom line. Let us help you to help grow it!

Here are a Few Recent & Current Clients:

You can Pay for our web design services through PayPal or SquareUp -Links/Buttons are provided Below - Please contact us before making any purchases, (So we can Verify Payment) - If you need more information or have questions let us know. Order Below.

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Business Consultation

The goal of KingsTeamInternational has always been to make the world a better place, one person at a time and one business at a time. We believe in the power of businesses to change and re-shape society. The services and products that businesses provide have an impact and we would love to help you get better at doing what you are doing.

With our Consultation Services we'll focus on the best ways to help you accomplish your business goals. Sometimes that means teaching you a new skillset. sometimes it means helping you find people who have those skillsets to bring into your company. We can offer solid advice that works and will work for any business.

Our rates for Consultation Services are the same as our Web Design Services - when you are paying for web design services 'some consultation' is included. Such as consultation on Website & Domain Hosting (where to host your site) - what Hosting means, and any additional advice required for your project. You may need a business license for what you're doing or need to know how to set up a DBA. We can help point you in the right direction. However sometimes you already have a website, and don't need anything but some good advice. Set up an hour with us today, and get one FREE hour included with your order!

If you're not in the Los Angeles, California area we can set up a Conference via the Telephone or the Web - we are flexible and ask that you are as well.

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