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Welcome to KingsTeamInternational.com © – our business is about Making the world a better place, one person and one business at a time. We launched this vision in 2004, with a focus on building websites for small business owners. Back then most small businesses were not online, and we are happy to have helped in the explosion of online business that is taking place today.

KingsteamInternational Web Design & Business Consultation Services

However, while building websites for small business owners it became apparent that most business owners had no real training in owning or operating a business. So many people are grasping at straws and while they may have a great idea or concept, they need help in communicating that idea to the world, in a way that will help them connect with their target audience.

So we began offering additional Consultation Services, and also launched SeekingAHomebusiness.com © in 2009, to help introduce people who are interested in running a business, to the industry where WE learned all of our training from. (read about the re-branding of SeekingAHomeBusiness.com here) We also wanted to find ways to introduce people to an even wider range of income opportunities that exist online; as well as products and/or services that small business owners could offer to their customers.

So in 2010, we launched TopNetworkersGroup.com © – and in 2012, created 1mlmsystem.com © as a training site for members of TNG – to use to really get a deep understanding of how to create the kind of financial capitol and leverage that literally all business owners need.

Running a business requires money.

The bigger the business, the more money is required.

Starting a business ‘to make money’ is backwards.

In fact making money in business is always a bi-product of providing ‘solutions’ to the problems and challenges that your target market is facing; and often you will not be able to build your business and make lots of money at it, while operating it alone – It’s one thing to be self employed, but it’s another thing entirely to be a business owner.

Business owners work with others – they have teams; they have a circle of leaders who they trust; they have business ‘partners’ – and so we encourage all of our clients who are struggling to run a ‘successful business’ to embrace training that will teach them the importance of partnering up with others; for the benefit of several – especially the business that they’ve dreamed of turning into a success.

It will happen, if you are willing to do the right things to get your business there.

We will help you along the way.

Thank you for visiting, and considering doing business with us. Whether you bring us on board to build your website, offer consultation, or show you ways to generate income FOR your business, as well as introduce you to top notch training and education to give you that ‘edge’ you’ll need – we are ready to aid you along the way.

KingsTeamInternational.com © 2004

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