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Are you seeking a home business, or seeking information on how to start and properly run a home based business?

The vast majority of my Clients over the years have had great ideas for their Small Home based business. However, after designing websites for several clients since 2004, many of their businesses went OUT of business. While these clients were well meaning and only paid me to design their website, I could see early on that there is a real need for Business Consultation and Training even for Small Business Owners. If you’re someone who’s thinking of starting a business, but aren’t quite sure how to begin, I wanted to be able to recommend a proven way to get started

In 2009, I created – featuring a powerful video from widely respected business leader, and author of several best selling books like ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad‘, ‘The Cashflow Quadrant‘, and many, many more …, Robert Kiyosaki.

I wanted to make sure I used a recognizable name because while endorsing the home based business industry as the path to wealth, he made sure to recommend an Industry that is similar to Franchising, known as Network Marketing. A well respected author, business leader, and real estate mogul would not recommend an Industry like this unless it was really the way to go. Most people who join and stick with a Network Marketing company for at least 5 years, will go on to start a successful business of their own.

The reason being, well … You can go to and See what Robert Kiyosaki has to say about it …

There is a Re-branding taking place with this site – I’ve spent the past 4 years developing and branding my own successful network marketing organization – most of it built through the Domain – I was using it as a “lead capture page” – first by educating people who were seeking a home business, or seeking ideas on how to get started with one On this industry, and then introducing them to companies I was or am currently associated (affiliated) with.  This eventually led, to starting my Own Professional Organization – long story short, it’s been a success.

Now it’s time for this website to serve it’s real purpose – the purpose I envisioned for it back in 2009 – SeekingAHomebusiness is being revamped into a home based business resource – a website that will be full of information, education, and will also allow you to find home businesses that are proven, and leaders who’ve been successful to work with and guide you towards personal success as well.

The lessons you’ll learn in this industry will prepare you to run any kind of business you desire – we also will be offering special website design packages through SeekingAHomebusiness for anyone with a business in this industry – who needs ‘replicated websites’ for themselves and their business partners. We’ll also be offering full web design packages as well – since all of this falls under the umbrella of © 2004 –

Stay tuned, as the re-branding process is just now beginning.

Just as everything, is a process – and if you want to be successful in business, you must be willing to go through the process And grow through the process.

A Major mistake that so many business owners make, is trying to do too much, too soon – spending up all of their money, and going broke! I also see critical mistakes in the area of learning. CEO’s of companies must be lifelong learners – You must commit to your own excellence in business.  You must study your craft and know your industry ‘inside’ and out.  These lessons and so many more are taught to members of the home based business industry – in fact, just because you own a business, does not mean you are connected to ‘the industry’ – You should be networking; attending mixers and meetings – shaking hands and exchanging business cards.  This is how serious professional business owners spend their time.

And those lessons were free    🙂

For current business owners who are in need of More training or advice, I do urge you to join my professional organization to ‘save money’ on the Training – otherwise you can set up a Consultation with me either in person (if you’re in the Los Angeles area) – or via the internet (using an online conference tool that I’ll provide with my fees) – just know that my personal coaching sessions are going to be Expensive – and yet, all GOOD investments usually are.  Use our Contact Page To set up a Consultation – and bookmark right now – as you’re going to start enjoying the content we’re sharing; and will want to take FULL Advantage of the Premium Advertising Specials we’ll be running, to gain maximum Exposure from a website that will be one of the #1 resources for home business owners.

Quick Update ::: “I think I’ll Create My Own Buttons” –

Update 5/5/2015 :: We’ve pretty much finished the rebrand and redesign of – it now features Audios and Videos, as well as a Home business Owner Listings area. There is more that will be added to the site and it will continue to grow. There is still a heavy ‘network marketing’ presence in most of the educational videos but there is also a lot of general business. Recently, a new article on how Continuous Improvement is Key To Business Success talks more about the rebrand and redesign of this website. It also talks about how key to business success continuous improvement is. Even OUR businesses are continually improving.

Here are a few Screenshots of the NEW layout and Design for

Home Page


Business Videos and Audio Topics


Preview of Video Page – (featured video) Tony Robbins on Massive Success


If you own a home business and would like to run advertisements on our website, sponsor videos, audios, or get a home business owner listing – we’re currently taking those requests via the Contact Page.  Being that this website is owned and operated by – should you get any business consultation through us, or use us to design or redesign your website, create business cards and/or flyers for your business – we will feature you on our site as well (for no additional charge – or at a discount – depending on where you’re being featured.)

– There are still updates and improvements coming to this site, just as there are to several sites we own.  We absolutely advise all of our clients to think about the long term, not the short term; that they’ll want to GROW into their dream; to take their time and not to rush.

We live by our own advice – making it advice that you can trust.

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