Free Consultation Works

How Our Free Consultation Works

We get asked often: how our Free Consultation Works?  Since adding consulting services to what we offer here, we have also offered 1 free hour consultation. What this generally consists of is a chance for me to find out more about your company, and then begin offering you solutions.  Honestly each business is different, and so are each business need. For that reason I don’t believe in offering cookie cutter advice.

How our Free consultation works

Set an appointment with us now to discuss your business. We can meet via web conference, or in our Discord. Please let us know what works the best for you. I do like discord cause we can create a private room just for your company, and keep a record of what we have discussed. For me, it’s a great platform to use for business. Other web based sites like zoom or google meet also work. This allows us to service clients in more than just our local market. From there, here are a couple of key areas we’ll focus on.

Social Media Strategy

For example, I recommend all businesses have some kind of social media. This is the main way that customers and clients will connect with your business.  You will need a website, especially if you are processing any kinds of financial transactions. Social Media these days acts as your initial introduction to people unfamiliar with your company. But, part of assessing your company in our free consultation will include reviewing your Social Media.

  • Firstly do you have one?
  • How many platforms are you on?
  • We need to review how often you are posting and also What you are posting
  • Small tweaks to how you’re using your social media platform(s) can make a huge difference in your business. It’s a powerful tool, and many business owners are just not using the tool properly. We can help with that.

OR maybe after talking we’ll come to find that your social media approach is Just Right – 

Let’s then review your Website –

When I first got into the world of web design, back in 2004, several companies didn’t even have a website. Would you believe, that all these years later, in 2024 there are still people trying to operate a business, without a website. Again, part of my professional opinion is to let you know that you should always have a website.  I’ll give you a few reasons now that I usually will share with anyone during a free consultation.

  • Relying Exclusively on a social media platform, is unwise – cause you don’t own it.
  • Social Media can shut down your pages at any time, for any reason.
  • Many social media sites can also shadow ban your company, and/or limit your reach
  • The majority of these platforms today, give advantages to companies spending money on their advertisement services; which can become expensive if you do not have a budget.

Speaking of which, Advertisement Consultation would have to be done in a different setting; not offered with any of our Free services.

Having and owning your own website gives you complete, total control over your business.

Anything you’d like to share or promote on your website, you can. Most web hosting companies will only shut you down if you’re violating laws with your content. Implementing SEO strategies on your website will ensure that you can reach the people you want. During our free consultation we’ll take a look at your website, if you already have one. We will discuss what changes need to be made, if any.

You are of course, welcome to take the recommendations made, and find someone else to help you with them.

Naturally, we will make our selves available to help, if you need our assistance. We may find that you don’t need anyone to grow your business, but you! Perhaps you’re not working as hard or are not as organized as you should be.  We may need to discuss your ‘business system’ to see if you are maximizing your potential within your industry.

All businesses need consultants on hand…

Discussing what needs to be done, and then implementing those tasks are two different things. While many may look to save money, and cut a few corners, the successful companies of our society keep a business consultant on their payroll. Naturally all businesses are different, again, so perhaps yours is not economically able to do that. We’ve recommended in the past on here that all businesses consider Scaling when building.

Never do more than you’re actually able to do. Instead, set a goal and work towards it.  If you’d like to set up a FREE consultation with us, to see if we are a good fit for helping you grow your company, contact us today!!

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