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Scaling Matters For Small Business Owners

Came across some great content on Twitter, which truly is a great place to engage, for small business owners. There is a ton of great, free ‘advice’ that you can find on there. This comes from “Chuck Peters” …. and it has to do with the many hats that we wear as small business owners. The profession many of us have chosen, is ‘different’ from the path of an employee, and so be prepared for others to misunderstand your journey. Meanwhile, be sure you understand what is in store, for you.

# Scaling Matters for Small Business Owners ::

Again, let’s dive deep into Scaling Matters when it comes to your small business.

That part about others not caring near as much about your company as you do is the gospel truth. It is one of the many challenges we face as business owners, when it comes to scaling matters. Do we hire others or not?  Naturally if we go it alone, that is more profit for us but it’s mostly, more work. The goal, usually is time freedom and this is why so many of us turn to employing others.

This issue also steers some small business owners into more independent fields were the ‘need’ for employees is not as high. Everything comes with risk however, and often the ’employees’ in those fields are automated systems. Also, other ‘volunteer-prenuers’ may be involved in those fields, so a lot of the results ‘still’ depend on Teams. Being able to ‘work’ with others, whether you want to, is a need to,   You don’t, ‘really’ have a choice here.

To echo this tweet thread from Chuck Peters, as small business owners, we must Embrace the challenges. These are all opportunities for growth. That reminds me of a ‘sermon’ from Bishop T.D. Jakes on Great Leadership; Great leadership ‘starts’ in the Back!  In that sermon, he talks about how life is filled with challenges, and sometimes we get into things that we are just not ‘prepared’ for. So – you may be one of several small business owners, who still needs to grow.

That is perfectly okay, and in fact, it’s more normal than we realize.

So, should you hire people? Perhaps – each business is different, and that is mostly what I’m aiming to share here. You ‘will’ need to be able to ‘work with people’ however, as you scale up. As you grow your business, expect challenges to grow YOU…  The conflict you come across on your path to ‘where you want to be’, will make you better. Seek out these opportunities, and as your business grows, you’ll be more than ready to bring on ’employees’ who may not share your vision. You’ll understand, how to meet them where they are, and keep them motivated, based on ‘what motivates them’ ….

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