Using WordPress As the CMS For Clients

Lately I’ve been using the popular platform WordPress as the CMS for our clients.  Let’s take a few moments to understand the reasons for this as WordPress may be the solution for you. Traditional web pages, and even custom built content management systems (CMS) can take a long time to build.  Time is literally money, especially whenever you are hiring someone to complete a job or task for you.

We charge by the hour for our web design, and business consulting services.  Naturally while I’d love to spend several hours … billable hours, working on your behalf, is that what you want?? Yes, you are going to need to spend money to grow your business. Investing in a website, and also in consulting services, are two of the best business investments you can make.

Benefits of me using a WordPress as the CMS for you

It’s going to save a lot of time. Together we can still accomplish the same goal, as several WordPress templates are exactly what you’re looking for, ‘aesthetically’.  Often customizing those pre-built templates will take far less time, than it would to ‘build’ a website for you.

But wait, ….  there’s more!

Due to all of the collaboration that has happened over the several years that WordPress has been around, it’s truly become easy to manage. Even with the CMS I and other web developers have built for clients over the years, they sometimes have a hard time with using them to update their websites.

While having always been one of the better platforms of this type, WP has only continued to improve over the years.

As have the ‘plugins’ that are available to further make the website fit into your ‘vision’ to represent your business and brand to the world.  Let’s discuss how we can create your website, using WordPress as the CMS. Then let’s make sure you understand how to use the backend to update, maintain, and manage your business, cause that’s really what a website is. It is the portal that your customers, followers or fans will use to interact directly with you.

Social media is a tool, that you as a business owner should utilize to funnel people ‘back’ to your website. So you’ll want to know how to use it to talk to the people that come to talk to you. If any of this seems daunting, feels like you may need a coach to show you what to do – do not be afraid. Everyone has started from where you are starting from.

Kings Team International is here to help you –  Contact us today, by going to our discord – and waiting in our client lobby. If you don’t have discord, it’s free to use. Highly recommend ou downloading it from the link. Otherwise, leave a comment below and we’ll be in touch with you soon.


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