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Real Web Devs Don’t Update Their Websites

I overheard a funny discussion and can’t quite remember where it was. The Topic, real web devs don’t update their websites.  Some light humor because, it happens to be true. If you’re actually busy enough working on other people’s websites, it’s yours that ends up suffering.  I have not updated my portfolio, or this site in much longer than I would have liked. With all intention to update it more often, I’ve come to realize that may, or may not occur!

It’s funny to think that, real web devs don’t update their websites.

We would all think otherwise.  The reality however is oftentimes, most of our clients come through relationships we’ve personally built. Most of my clients, aren’t asking to see my work, cause they have seen my work already. That being said, I do look for freelance work here and there. Each ‘job’ I take on adds to my skillset in some way or another.

For example, just earlier today, took on a small ‘logo’ job.

The job didn’t actually pan out, but I still came away with a few new tools for my toolbox. For Example, this shoe: I’m using this shoe, to get the most out of my time this morning.

web devs don't update their websites (silhouette)

The full story is, there is some ‘writing’ or ‘wording’ that is supposed to go along with this image.  It’s a silhouette, of an Air Jordan Royal 1. Most of the concept came entirely from the client, who asked for a silhouette of this shoe, along with the name of their company, as part of a ‘slogan’.  They wanted more of a hand drawn font, and that isn’t my area of expertise, for now. I do draw but, would normally hire someone if I needed an original artwork drawn by hand.

Sometimes, that is a role I can perform on behalf of a client – decided to just send them this shoe instead – and let them take it from here.

It all worked out in my eyes.  Going forward, I may decide to make a few more silhouettes for use. Never know when they’ll come in handy. I’ve been making quite a few flyers, and working on jobs for clients here and there.  As an artist there is a lot I can do with this, without boring you all with the details. Erykah Badu once said she’s an artist and she’s sensitive about her shit. I tend to be on the other end of that spectrum. I’m not sensitive at all about my art. Not everything we make as artists, will please the audience. Sometimes the audience has valuable feedback, just as a client who is displeased, can too. The key is to remain ‘open’ and willing to change, grow, adapt and from that, as an artist you will evolve.

Even though the logo job didn’t pan out, I still got something out of it.

Feeling like Aemond after claiming Vhagar, for a quick House of the Dragons reference …  I managed to keep both of my eyes however.

Aemond the Web Developer Targaryen

All joking aside, do you NEED a Web Developer? Contact me today and let’s discuss getting you up and going.

As a web developer, there is a slight difference in a web designer. Naturally the designer will design, and the developer will work with you on much more than that. In a way, that is what I do as a consultant, and it’s worth paying for in my professional opinion. Many clients I have done work for, needed a web developer.  They needed a consultant to help them work on and expand the business that they’re hoping to build.   But also, as a web developer the website being built, will need much more scripting involved to make it do what the client wants.

Do not Nickle and dime your success. Invest in it, instead. The more money you put into your business, the more those investments will pay off for you. However you also have to match the financial investment with physical work. That combination, comes out on top time and time again.  Get in touch today, in case you ‘would’ like to see more of my work, beyond what you can find on this domain now. I do intend with all of my being, to share even more through these ‘blog articles’.  Paying customers do tend to get the priority however. 

Thankful for all who I have been able to aid in their success.  Looking forward to who I can help next. It could be you….

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