#CreativeSmartGirl : A Twitter Business Conversation

I just happened to be on twitter and saw #CreativeSmartGirl trending. Upon my surprise I found a great business conversation already in progress.

If you aren’t using Twitter for business you should be. At some point you’ll want to get to a place where a Hashtag that promotes your business, product or service is trending. That’s really when you know you’ve made it. This conversation was started By CreativeSmartGirl.com – Check out their site here. – and there is a lot of great advice being handed out. If you run a business, these are great conversations to ‘jump into’ if you have any actual value to provide.

Sometimes you will, depending on what your business does.

Other times, a Twitter business conversation like the #CreativeSmartGirl tag can become a great educational experience. These are also great places to network and find people who ‘engage’ with others. Twitter is well known for having a lot of people who just lurk. They might RT or FT but really they spend a lot of their time talking to their own feed. So I really like these kinds of conversations as they pull people out of their shells. here are a few ‘tweets’ I liked – along with some of my thoughts on what is being suggested.

Two Excellent tweets back to back. Creating a brand is something that you should put some thought into. Thinking about your fonts can go a long way. You also want to work to be consistent with your usage of those fonts. As a Web Designer this is one of the main things I do for all my clients. If I’m using a font or a set of fonts, I make sure to keep using them throughout their website. I also do the same with their logos. If you are working with a designer, make sure you get as much info as you can, about what fonts are being used. Keep your ‘brand’ consistent.


A lot of people are looking for ‘funding’ – and small businesses, are a great source. They want more people to know about them. The exposure that your business could provide for them is going to be well worth it. So many of them are looking for Places to advertise. It’s usually mutually beneficial. These smaller companies benefit from getting their ads out in a way that doesn’t harm their budget. Their support can help you in landing a larger contract, with a bigger company. Often the big companies want to see that someone is investing in you, before they invest also. So absolutely, do not overlook small business.

More great tweets from #CreativeSmartGirl




There were plenty more as you can see. Simply follow the conversation on Twitter.

Also, it looks like they will do more of these in the future.

Ask me how WE can do something like this for YOUR business. Get in touch with me today and we’ll discuss how beneficial Twitter and other social networks can be, when you’re using it correctly!

Also, feel free to pick up on some great ideas from the #CreativeSmartGirl conversation.

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Never give up, Never quit!~ @gabbycvdouglas We love you Gabby!! We got you. #CreativeSmartGirl #Love4GabbyUSA #leaveheralone

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