Website Updates – March 2015

Just wanted to take a moment to discuss some current Website Updates that are taking place – websites owned by clients of KingsTeamInternational – and also owned By Kingsteaminternational; starting with the fore mentioned site first!

This blog was one of the new additions to our website when we moved from our original web host, to where we are now – (With DreamHost) – blogs are actually very helpful and useful tools for any business. I highly recommend them to most of my clients. Several people I design websites for have no desire to ‘write’ blogs and update people but, it’s something you Should Highly Consider. With a blog you can keep visitors and potential clients informed about your business. The more they know about your business the higher their comfort level with you will be.

So adding a blog to our own website, shows our own commitment to using this kind of platform as an integral part of any Online Based Business – even if your foundation is Offline. That’s actually where most of my first clients were – offline. I attended a seminar in 2004 on the future of business. The main topic was on the fact that many small businesses did not have a website. So many of those businesses have now gone out of business because they refused to ever get one. Meanwhile , several people have either created an online presence for their company, or attempted to start their business through an online venture.

The age old rules of business still apply.

90% of start up companies will go out of business within the first 5 years of operations. Out of that 10%, less than 5% will make it to their 10 year anniversary.  There are so many reasons why this happens. One of the more common reasons I’ve witnessed from having 19 years of experience helping people get started in the home business arena is, business owner competency.

You see a lot of people have an ‘idea’ – and they’d like to see that idea become a business. However, the businesses that last 5 years, 10 years, and longer – are run by people with business acumen. You must understand business to be successful in business. Many of the decisions that business owners make, are not smart business decisions.

A Major Bad Decision I see so many Business owners make; is Overspending.

Money management isn’t a strong area for the common citizen – and it seems to be an issue that spills over into the common business owner as well.

So after spending about 5 years helping small business owners bring their businesses online; and seeing so many of their websites get pulled down (which negatively impacts my business because now I don’t have the web-clients to showcase and show off to the world that would help me bring in even more web clients) – I decided to go back to my own roots – in network marketing.

KingsteamInternational was founded in 2004; so as you can see – We’ve passed the 10 year test.

I owe it all to my roots in network marketing; in 2009 I created SeekingAHomeBusiness – and that website has been updated to become the Resource for home business education; and will evolve into the place to find business owners to help people get off to the right start in a network marketing business. There are some really exciting website updates that are planned – and I look forward to unveiling them soon.

In 2010, I began work on – in an effort to start finding, and training my own sales organization. Having business partners is a key component in long term success.  Especially if you’re building a company that is growing. Even a web design company requires the ability to find skilled people to partner up with; as the client base grows.  This too, can be a fatal mistake business owners make while attempting to start, or run their own business.

They simply do not hire, or partner up with, the right people.

After officially adding business consultation services to KingsteamInternational – in addition to just web design; I came to realize that all along, educating others has been my goal.  While I personally have a fond view of network marketing, many people do not. However, as I pointed out, people fail at just about everything they do in life; even if it is starting a traditional business – and using traditional methods to advertise, find customers, and grow/operate that business.

If you want to be successful at this, you’ll want to hire good people who know what they are talking about.

You’ll want people who understand more than just one business model.

You’ll want people who can teach you things that will make you even better at meeting your goals and objectives.

You’ll want someone, like me – set up a Business Consultation with me today – $30/hour – OR during the month of March Only; take advantage of my March Madness Special – get 15 HOURS of consulting from me for just $300 (that’s 5 free hours included) — and while I am mentioning website updates; stay tuned for all new web pages for this site; with even more details on both our business consultation and our web design services.

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