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Site Redesign On The Way!

Stay tuned for a overhaul of our website; may not be a complete overhaul but, a brand new Site Redesign is on the way!

Truth is I spend so much time working on other websites that I’ve allowed mine to be ‘old and outdated’ – meanwhile I’m currently in the process of doing a Redesign (for a site who I’ll promote here really soon; when everything is done) – and that’s coming out pretty well. Doing redesign work is actually an area that I’ve wanted to get into but simply have been focusing on helping people build New websites.

That being said, what excites me most about redesign projects is usually I am dealing with a client who’s been around for a while and chances are, will remain in business. It’s hard to show off the quality of my work, or my ability to help others grow their business and ‘get better’ – if the business cannot stay in business.

It’s one of the reasons that motivated me to add Business Consultation services to what we Offer; born out of working with so many business owners who failed to remain in business.

Sometimes a site redesign will go a long way to improving your business and if you need your website redesigned – be sure to Contact Us here – this page is also about to undergo a full reconstruction; most likely it will happen first. So depending upon when you are reading this, the new page may be up.  Either way I’ll get your message – be sure to reach out to me today.

Also depending upon when you read this our Summer Special for Business consultation just may be available to you – be sure to ask about it; either way the time to talk about a facelift for your website is never too soon to set up.  Stay tuned for what is coming to these pages – and as always, I thank you for stopping by!

I have a lot more to say about what we’re working on soon. I’m look forward to possibly working with your company in some capacity, soon.

Just about all web site redesign projects are set up at our Hourly Rate – which may vary depending upon when you contact us; the sooner you reach out the better. Let’s help your company get better; because we know that when that happens, you’ll help make our world better.

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Do you need A New website OR a Site Redesign?

Sometimes all you need are a few small tweaks to make your website better. Let us help you with that. You just may need more than a small tweak. We can help you with that as well.

*Update – 8/17/16 – click here to see the All New Look and read more about our Redesign which ‘finally’ has begun. There will also be ongoing improvements that you can watch for the rest of this year. We like to follow our own advice around here. While most of our time has been spent on side sales/marketing projects we have not forgotten about the mother ship!

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