Check out The ReDesign for

Check out The ReDesign for

Recently I’ve been working to expand the client base for KingsTeamInternational, who’s sole focus and mission has always been to help improve business for small business owners.  Also I am planning on doing a lot more ‘website journalism’ so that others can keep up with what I’m doing lately.  It’s one of the main reasons I decided to put a ‘blog’ on the homepage afterall. I wanted you to have a better idea of My Design Process – I just started working on  a couple weeks ago, to help modernize their website. I actually didn’t think to take screen shots of the ‘before’ – however I do invite you to check out a few images of how it looks now.

reelurbnews-home1 has been covering stories in the Urban community since 2009. Their theme,  Always Compelling, Always Exceptional is something I felt their website should live up to. I didn’t express that to the owner in so many words, but he actually beat me to the punch. Times are always changing and evolving and while the website they had worked for a time and served a purpose, it was time for something new.

The site was already running on a blog based platform and so most of the work (as usual when working with blog based layouts) comes down to choosing good ones that fit with the customer; and also being able to have an understanding of how to work with that layout. Each one is different and all of them have their unique qualities. But this is also why if you are running a business and don’t want to take the time to learn all the nooks and crannies – you hire someone like me.  These days I like responsive design based layouts, and below is an example of how this site looks in the Mobile Browser.


Header Images were created to go with the new redesign, which I felt had an urban feel to them. There was a lot of work on the inside and behind the scenes; and over the next few months work will begin on SEO – to improve their traffic and help grow the number of people this up and coming news source is able to reach.

Do YOU need someone to look at and possibly Update your website?

My rates for re-design are the same as my rates for building your site from scratch. Depending on what you need, is the real determining factor in how much your website will cost you. I’ve found that by charging an hourly rate, I’m far more affordable than most web design companies out there. Be sure to hire me while our hourly prices are low!

Do you need someone to also help you with social media and getting more web traffic with SEO?

SEO stands for ‘search engine optimization’ – and in a nutshell it means making sure your site plays well with search engines. Most of this is somewhat complicated but, when you’re one of my clients, I’ll take the time to explain it in more detail. Just know this, if you’re online and your business is struggling to get steady visitors – You need SEO work done on your website asap. You’re also going to need to consider Hiring KingsTeamInternational to work on improving your SEO outside of your website (because yes, that matters too).  Be sure to consult with KingsTeamInternational today – many of the services we provide are exactly what most businesses really need.


Update: Just wrote a bit more about this re-design in “Giving Our Logo A Facelift” – check it out now!

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