Summer Special: FREE Business Consultation

Be sure to take full advantage of our Summer Special (which will end in August) – Get a FREE Business consultation by Booking me for …  a Free business consultation.  The summer special is a free 30 minutes on top of the regular hour I give my clients and potential clients. Sitting down with an expert for advice on how to start, run, or improve your business is only going to benefit you.  One of the biggest reasons businesses go out of business is the person running the business is not getting quality advice.

We all need consultants in life. The better our consultation the better results we get from the things we are seeking to do. Imagine Michael Jordan playing his entire basketball career and never being coached by Phil Jackson.

Do you really think he still wins 6 championships?

Imagine the Los Angeles Lakers franchise without the wisdom of Jerry West at the helm for so many years. Imagine how poorly Mitch Kupchak would be doing if he didn’t have the logo teach him how to do his job. I’m not here to say Mitch is on par with Jerry West but, he’s done a decent job, all things considered. Meanwhile, every where Jerry West has gone, mostly acting in the capacity as a Consultant – those NBA franchises have flourished. Whether we’re talking about the Memphis Grizzlies and the wonderful job Mr. West did in constructing that team’s core unit of talent: Marc Gasol, Mike Conley, and Zach Randolph. He left an impression on that organization and they’ve continued to do well after he moved on to Golden State.

Just in case you’re not following NBA Basketball; the Golden State Warriors won the NBA Championship – after a 40 year hiatus.

Because having good business consultation goes a long, long way.

Do you want to win a Championship in YOUR business?

Set up a FREE Business Consultation with me today – and get an additional 30 minutes FREE – (using our Contact Form)

Why do I do this?

The answer is simple really. I want you to see the value of paying for my business consultation services. I don’t mind giving some free tips and tricks out; because the ones you’ll have to pay for are going to transform your business for the better.  I know my value and what I can bring to any business that adds my service to their budget – because if you want something done right; you have to pay a professional.

I’m always speaking out against FREE Websites and that’s because FREE stuff comes with limitations.

However, there are no LIMITS placed on you during our session; you can ask any question you’d like; and for that allotted time, I will give you the answers you are seeking. Take full advantage – Good information can be expensive; and I’d like to save you some money, while helping you make more of it; so you can spend it on the things you want to spend it on; rather than the things you Have to spend it on to fix problems created – by not having a good advisor in your corner.

Thanks as always for stopping by!

I look forward to helping you GROW your business!

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Let us help you Grow Your Business – Schedule a Free Business Consultation today!


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