Comical Results of Being Found On Google

When your website is actually getting found on google you’ll wind up getting some comical emails. For the past several years I get emails from companies telling me how I can improve my search engine results by paying them for SEO. It’s a topic that all web designers must take seriously. Lots of businesses need these services but end up paying  amateurs for them. When someone emails me to tell me They can help me get found on google, I wonder if they realize that by telling me they found me On google, I’m not too interested in paying them for what They seemed to do without their help.  I’m clearly doing something right, if they found me.

I hope that made sense.

However I realize it wasn’t ‘very funny’ – it’s comical to me however. I realize these are robots mostly scowering the internet and seeking to find people willing to pay for their services. The thing is, I already know my industry so well. You want a professional, that understands what they are doing on your team. Sadly a lot of the SEO services that are out there, are not quality services.

I finally broke down and took a SEO course and it absolutely expanded my thinking in terms of how to help my clients.  It was a topic I ran from, and skimmed over for several years. I had a surface level understanding of the topic, but finally realized that if I truly want to help my clients; I must master this topic.  Again, that’s where I stand out from others; I took time to learn this craft.

I continue to network with other web masters and they in turn, keep me informed of the latest methods to help website owners get found by potential clients and customers. Even I have been working to increase my personal customers, and that’s where having a blog helps so much. There is a lot to know and a lot to learn in these areas. If you’re a business owner and you’d like to get your website found more often; (including other search engines like bing, duckduckgo, and others) be sure to reach out to us today.

We can help you get found on google as well as many other popular search engines.

For many of you, you’ll want to look into our new Retainer Services – where you can ensure that your business is growing from month to month.

In a nutshell, you will want someone on your team with intimate knowledge of both SEO and SEM; not everyone can afford to have a big advertising budget and personally I do not recommend paying for traffic through many of the sales agents offering traffic on the internet. Organic traffic is always better. I do recommend banner marketing, and PPC if you can afford it. Because if a person sees your ad, and decides to click on it, that’s going to be a higher conversion than what any traffic farm can promise you.

We’re also now offering Business Directory Listings over @ – a site who’s own SEO is going to pull in a lot of organic traffic in the next 9 months. It’s what we like to call a very SEO Friendly website, with a ton of information that will appeal to and help a lot of business owners. Getting a link on a site like this will be very beneficial to you, as you’ll want to drive traffic to you from numerous places.

Too many people think all they need to do is put a website on the internet and it’ll get found on google. They aren’t thinking about, or just do not know about the ‘other things’ they need to do, to make sure their website pops up in searches. in other words, you want various ways of getting traffic to your website because, search engines notice which websites are already getting traffic; and tend to ignore the ones that aren’t.

All of these things is where our Business Consultation and Web Design Services will come in handy for you;

Be sure to contact us today for a quote!


We encourage you to continually work on becoming better at whatever it is you are doing right now. Never be satisfied with where you’re at – Always seek to get better. Thank you as always for stopping by this blog.

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