Making the World Better : Our Continuing Mission

When I started KingsTeamInternational back in 2004, our mission was simple – and it has not changed.

Our original motto, “Making the world a better place, One Person and One Business at a time – is rooted in my business background as a network marketer from 1999 to 2004.  Much of the focus back then was always on personal development – becoming a better person; The leaders in that company would always talk about how their success financially, was tied directly to the changes and improvements they made on themselves, mentally. I spent 5 years in the same company, and met some of the most dynamic people I’ve ever met (still to this day) – It was evidently clear that personal development, would lead to making People better; and that Could lead to a better world.

I brought that motto with me, as I started on this mission to first help more business owners get online. In 2004, not many small business owners had websites. Today, everyone has a website – but not all websites are equal. That being said, there are still several business owners who still do not have a website or, are not very happy with the website they currently have.

Meanwhile, there are even bigger issues outside of that – which really and truly do matter To all of us, who are business owners. That is really what this one is all about. Because of all the hurt, and pain in the world – it’s important that WE do more; and continue to get Better!

So, our mission of making the world better, continues.

I shared some ‘thoughts’ on my facebook a few moments ago that I want to echo here …

So, last night I was watching some Documentaries on ISIL – especially since the POTUS just laid out a plan to ‘degrade and destroy’ their organization; That being said …. those ISIL Cats are serious;  They are on some “either you’re a Muslim, and following it by the book, or we are putting these bullets in you” ….

When Rumsfeld got up on that Podium and said we’d be fighting over there for 100 years; I think he knew something the rest of us didn’t. It’s almost like a new Holy War is about to break out; which is funny because I’m not sure what is ‘Holy” about War. But, that being said, the way these cats were talking in those documentaries; They mean business. Which is sad – because we already know how their decision to talk that way, is Going to Prompt our Military, to put even more people in the grave; I get it, on 9/11 we lost a lot of innocent people; But, in retaliation, America has put 100,000’s of people who had nothing to do with 9/11 – in the grave.

They say two wrongs don’t make a right; and there is so much Wrong going on in our world right now; that Making Things Right becomes ‘fantasy talk’ — will people ever be able to Stop Judging other People? …. so that people can Get along? … and Coexist??

Let’s continue to pray for our world – Do whatever you can do, from whatever corner of the world you are in; TO make this world ‘better’ than it is now; in hopes of a better tomorrow. –

here is the video I watched last night –

There is a lot of hurt, pain and sadness in our world today; and I believe this is a role where the business owner Can do something to help.  The business owner has a lot of power in our world;  Some have Great Power and with great power comes great responsibility. When we look at the big businesses – the major corporations; we find one sad story after another. Almost none of these companies are seriously committed to doing good in the world. Most are sorta like those Kermit Meme’s we see on social media; They act like none of this, is any of their business.

How are we as business owners going to make the world better, while pretending that none of the world problems, are also Our problems?

The simple answer is – we cannot.

Home based business owners are in no way shape or form, as great or as powerful as big business – at least, not by themselves. However, when they come together there is the potential to compete; if thousands come together, there is an even better chance of them competing – and if hundreds of thousands come together; they become just as great; and just as powerful.

It’s what I like to call, “The Voltron Example” ………..

In case we have any business owners here of a younger generation, think, Power Rangers.

(although Voltron was way cooler …)

Teamwork really does make the dream work; and as business owners if we are making sure that we are working on ourselves; and then building teams of people who are doing the same; We can create dynamic teams that get ‘more done’ because they are more powerful together. The only real way to combat hate, is with love – and with so much Hate in the world, the need to spread love is even more urgent than ever.

But a few people spreading love is only going to have so much of an impact. Once again, we see how more of us; need to do more – and come together on the same mission, to make our world better – and to do that, our world needs to be more loving; more tolerant; more respectful.

Business has the power to influence people to move in that direction like no Individual has.

But, knowing that most of us will never BE a fortune 500 company – that is always where network marketing comes into the picture; and why it’s always held a special place in my heart. I know it’s untapped potential power.  However even it’s power is facing a threat, as more and more companies launch; pulling ‘networks’ apart. I’m even starting to see more and more networkers beefing with networkers. “Wars” are being started over who’s company is better – and this is the opposite of what our industry is supposed to be about; Just as the hate & violence  we saw in the video, seems to go against what religion is about.

So you see, this mission to make the world better – really and truly requires all of us to play a part in it.

One person at a time …

One business at a time …

Do what you can, from YOUR corner of the world; eventually all of us will come together like Voltron; and we can save this world from the evil forces which continually work to gain an advantage.    To those of you on the side of good; this is how you know we are needed, when it comes to making the world better; One person, and One business at a time.


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