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Excellent Entrepreneurship Tips (Teamwork Matters)

Excellent tips in a video I saw on Twitter this morning, about #Entrepreneurship…. One of those teams, was about the importance of needing a TEAM —

Throughout my 20 years in business, the people I’ve advised to work with teams, who instead chose Not to – always … always … always go out of business.

It’s a delicate balance it would seem; people who have the ‘mind’ to be Self Employed; to be Free from others ‘bossing them around’ – have a difficult time working WITH others in team settings; because in Team settings, people still have to Listen to one another.

So the balance to me is, being able to WANT independence WHILE still understanding that “dependence’ on others is the path to BIRTH the independence we all seek…..

Below, is the original Tweet WITH the video I’m referencing :: Excellent Entrepreneurship Tips

Teamwork matters… You can’t be a Mogul, without a team.

There is no way around that. Through KingsTeamInternational, we offer services that can help you grow your business. Let’s discuss how we can fit with the team you should be assembling. All businesses need great consultants. Be sure to follow our blog as we’ll be sharing Great advice for free through this platform. If you’d like our assistance with implementing ideas to improve your bottom line, set up a Consultation with us today through our contact page.

More of these excellent entrepreneurship tips revolve around what it takes to be an actual business mogul. I like that she did not frown on the network marketing industry, as that does tend to be a great training ground for people coming from the job world. You have to learn how to think like a business owner. Business owners make money when a sale is made, not when they clock in.  Generally a person will learn this lesson, when working for commissions.

Difference is, when you own your own business, you can (and should) be in a position to earn multiple teams on each sale, not just once. If you need help with your business model, let’s sit down and discuss today. Drop your comments below if you got more from this excellent entrepreneurship tips content. Thanks for coming through.

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