Updating RecaptchaV2 (Running Blog)

It’s All Star Sunday here in Los Angeles, and I have work to do! Absolutely watching this game today but also watched a tutorial on updating recaptchaV2 in PHP. This is for any one out there who ‘also’ needs a quality walk through. I have not tested this one out yet, but I did enjoy how he explained what needs to be done while updating recaptchaV2.

Googles Documentation of Updating RecaptchaV2 sucks – to be frank.

After the All Star Game I’m going to test out his tips. I’ll come back to update you and let you know how this goes. It seems like google wants developers to start using javascript instead of php. Again, it’s not very clear. So to be honest I am not sure if php even still works!

RecaptchaV3 is also available, as this helps anyone with ‘forms’ on their website keep spam down. Let’s sit down if you want to learn more about how spam arrives in your inbox. I’m the kind of consultant who seeks to help clients understand this new age we are now doing business in.

Stay tuned for my results with updating recaptcha V2 on my website. The original version became deprecated some time ago, and no longer works. You’ll notice that on our contact page now too. (for now) ….

** did it work? (stay tuned …)

Should you be updating your own ReCaptcha Code?

In short the answer is no. Unless you actually know what you are doing with php coding, this is not a job for you. I wanted to share this on our blog so that clients can get an idea of what they are paying for, when ever ‘code’ is involved.

If you’re using a WordPress CMS some of your forms may have been installed by our web designer. Most recaptcha plugins are already configured to work. You just need to copy and paste your ‘keys’ ….

*Update 2/18/19 – Did The Tutorial Work??

It turns out, I didn’t need it. The google documentation actually is good enough. Seems as if they have simplified the process a bit more, by simply hosting the api.js file on their end. (Again, if you are not a coder, don’t worry about fully understanding all of this.)  If you do want to learn coding, this is a good simple task to learn. Create a form, add a recaptcha to it for security and see if it works for you too!


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