The Blog Should Give You Insight on My Web Design Process

The purpose of This Blog is to give you insight on my Web Design Process – and also to answer the questions that my clients and potential clients have had over the years, since I began building websites in 2004. Two of the most frequent questions are ….

Why Should you Hire ME as your Web Designer?

Why should you look to MY company for your Website and Business Needs?

These are very good questions – that you SHOULD be asking, and most likely are when you reach out to me. So I decided earlier in the year that a blog would be a good way to give you the kind of insight that you would need. This blog can help you make up your mind on if you want my hands having any part in the creative web design process of Your Idea. I will take it seriously – and always do my best.

Putting your Idea on paper; and then onto the wide world web (the web design process) – is an awesome process! While it would be my pleasure and a real privilege to be the one that helps you with this process, it’s important to know that I do also play nice with others.

Last year (in 2013) I did some work for – The owner of this site just celebrated putting on their 2nd Annual “Faith Awards” – locally here in Los Angeles; Both years have featured an awesome lineup of speakers. All who have been in attendance have been blessed.

The specific role “I” played on this site; started by actually helping the Owner get set up. I sat with her and walked her through the process of Buying the domain name – of a company she had on her heart for several years. She was explaining this idea and concept she had for the Faith Awards; and as it turned out she was indeed working with a cadre of people to put on an incredible event.  One of her staff members and partners for the awards had a Graphic Designer who laid out the ‘home page’ for last year; and did the same for this year as well.  “I” created a registration page so that guests could easily purchase Tickets and Reserve their seat!

I also attached a ‘blog’ that they used for the 2013 awards – which allows them to add additional topics to their website if they so desire.  In 2013 you’ll see they used the blog for a few bio’s of speakers, and the Executive Director. Most likely their other web designer created a few bio pages that you’ll see linked up for the 2014 speakers; and most likely you’ll see a new home page for 2015 –  The Web Design Process is just that – a process. It takes several people coming together sometimes – and so long as the business owners KNOW what they want, as Hope Williams and her team of creators, speakers, and designers all do – that vision is going to come forth.

Here is a quick video re-cap of 2013 – where you can see some work from another person I have the pleasure of knowing – the person who actually referred Hope Williams my way; owner of KRJ Productions – as you’ll see he does incredible video production work; and more.
Faith Awards Sizzle from KRJ PRODUCTIONS

So, why hire me?

With this particular example, “I” didn’t do “too much” – but it was a true pleasure to be involved in the process.  The process of creating is something that I get excited about. I recently shared some insights on a Brochure Design I started on for a local Maintenance Company in Los Angeles.  Soon in the new year I plan to start on a Website for their company as well. In the case of the Maintenance Company – most likely I’ll be doing much more work, than I did for the Faith Awards.

I’ve also lent some Consulting Advice and Web Design help to a local Bookkeeping Company in Los Angeles –  – Mostly helped them with getting a blog set up for their needs.  There were also a few needs with connecting this site to their Social Media Accounts; and a few minor ‘layout’ changes that were made to the original template that they decided on. Blogs are simple and effective for most business owners. Not all business owners need a ‘static page’ – but sometimes people just like to have one.  It’s a decision that you must make – as the business owner.

What we do as the web design company is consult and carry out the vision of the business owner.

If a business owner has a staff of people in place already; and decide to bring in additional web design people; we adjust to the job, and work as best as we can with the other web designers. If a company already has Brochures that are outdated, or even a website that is outdated – and they are in need of an upgrade; we can take what that company already has; and make the improvements or additions that they need.  But we won’t create business plans for business owners; or train them on how to run their business.

Not for free at least 🙂

In my early days I found that many business owners didn’t really know what they were doing – at least a lot of my early clients fit that description.  Sometimes your business needs more than a website. Often, the captain of the ship needs to have the vision to know where their ship is going – where it is now; and where it needs to go. Many could benefit from consultation. So even if you decide not to go with our web design services – you can still benefit from what we offer @

We Offer Consultation –

Soon in 2017 You will be able to Purchase Personal Coaching through this website – to help you with any business you are seeking to run successfully.

We understand the process here at – and we understand what all business owners need. This includes, a need to express themselves and make decisions that are best for their company.  We only act in our role; as a guide – and these forthcoming coaching sessions will help those who decide it’s what they need to go to another level in business.

However we also have websites that are designed and owned by the company – to educate business owners and people who are Seeking advice on running a business from home – (for those not ready to set up a traditional business yet)

One of the websites that we recently Redesigned deals entirely with business education. The site (  is still in ongoing construction – but you can get a pretty good education from what’s currently on the site right now.  You can read all about the re-design project in a Previous post, “I Think I”ll Create My Own Buttons”

Big or small, we can work with you all.

I understand the web design process – that it takes time and patience, and most often, teamwork to make anything work.

Take a look at updates to the One MLM System – featuring a brand new video section created to inspire, educate, and motivate positive change in our world while putting a real challenge out there to end racism; and end financial inequality. It is known as “The Black Folder”.

The entire video set up was created by us, including the Logo. It allows the site owners to add videos easily to this page/platform – where others can easily share these videos on social media platforms. The entire One MLM System website was created by us. You’ll see a lot of different layouts on those links above – along with a ‘logo’ we crafted for The Black Folder below. We meet all your business needs; Logos; Brochures, Cards, Web Design and More!

the web design process for the black folder (logo created by

Stay tuned for more screenshots and previews of our work providing you insights on our web design process, not just the final product; 

You’ll see our work is very diverse – and pretty affordable (for most small businesses) – We can help you put your Vision in front of others in an impressive way.  We continue also to network with people who can create wonderful results for you and your business.

Book me now while my prices are low (for web design, brochures, cards, or consultation) – and before the demand for our services increase! Thank you in advance for coming by and being the reason that we exist!


Quick Update on My Web Design Process

Giving Our Logo A Facelift – discusses the entire process of coming up with a new logo. Should the process be rushed, or is it okay to take your time. The insight I hope will help others, whether they also need a logo facelift, or don’t have one at all. My web design process is long term oriented. I want you to be in business for years to come.

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    1. You’re absolutely right; I’m actually in the process of adding ads as we speak – funny that you mentioned it as well – (great minds think alike) – I will also look into the Mobile Ads Plugin; that’s a great idea – won’t hurt for me to see what is out there. thanks once again –

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