January 2019 updates: Growth Matters

January 2019 Updates From The Flagship

First things, hope you like the ‘new layout’ for KingsteamInternational.com; these are some of the January 2019 Updates, from the Flagship – about our Web Design & Business Consultation services. This blog has been a helpful way to communicate ideas to clients about how to move their businesses in the positive direction they envisioned when they began! However, if there are any topics you’d like me to cover on here, feel free to leave a comment, on any of these articles.

The monthly Motivational Section will be featuring ‘something new’ each month, all year, so please tune in; Hold me accountable if you don’t see me putting up New Content in the Motivational Video Section each month like I’ve planned to do.

Plans are a big part of conducting our businesses, and all of us ‘should’ be setting goals.

What tools, and or platforms are you using to set your goals? How are you establishing deadlines, and achieving tasks – especially if you are working in’team’ oriented environments? These are some questions that I hope you have considered, but if not, let’s have a real conversation about getting you set up, to make your ‘job’ easier.  Leveraging technology to benefit your bottom line is intelligent business. That’s ultimately, what I want for all of my clients.

I’ve been considering opening up a platform JUST for my clients; again please let me know if you’d be interested in Access to your Business Consultant, in a much more effective level than what you have right now. So ‘as of today’ (January 2019), our contact page looks one way; but you’ll be getting another that I am  pretty excited about launching, very soon. I want people to know that they can rely on quality ‘help’ and ‘assistance’ for building their businesses. You’ll need more than a website, which is what I came to realize after building websites for clients for over 10 years.

I came to realize, that far too many businesses are going ‘out’ of business, simply due to poor decisions made by business owners. A big reason, is a lot of business owners, are poor listeners.

I’m an Huge advocate of ‘paying for advice‘.

I do recommend buying books, audio tapes, attending conferences – anything you can do to become better at what you are doing. However, you still have to ‘listen’ to the advice you are paying for, in order for it to be effective. This is what good leaders in business tend to have in common; they are great listeners. Here’s some advice from a coach, mentor and consultant who’s content I’ve spent thousands of dollars on over the years, John C. Maxwell, on ‘Listening Effectively”.

Our Motivational Video of the Month for January 2019 was … from Les Brown; On the Mindset of an Entrepreneur

Check it out below, and be sure to check back next month, for a NEW motivational, inspirational, or educational message!



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