Print The Legend: Starting and Running A Business

I’m actually still in the middle of watching an excellent documentary on starting and running a business. The name of it is, Print the Legend, and it’s playing on Netflix.

I highly recommend watching this one, especially if you are currently starting a business, and even more so if you’re in the midst of running a business. Print the Legend is about 3d Printing. It’s about the companies, and more so, the people who are driving the growth of this industry. Apparently, unbeknownst to me, this technology has been around for 30 years.

I literally had no idea of that reality until tonight. I have however, been hearing more and more about this new … if we can call it new, printing technology.  While I’ve heard of none of these people, or these companies in Print the Legend, the story is so familiar.

Starting and Running a business is difficult. It’s challenging. 

And if you plan to be around for years and years to come, If that is your plan, you have to know this going in.  You have to be willing to push forward in spite of the obstacles that will come. If you are, so much awaits you on this journey.  The challenges and obstacles you’ll face, and eventually overcome,  will make the journey worth it.   That’s the advice I’ve been giving clients for more than 5 years now, through This same advice is echoed over and over in this excellent Netflix Doc.

Here’s a quick trailer from Print the Legend

Once again I Highly recommend this to everyone of my business consultation clients.

In this documentary you’ll hear stories that sound so familiar to you, especially if you’ve studied companies like IBM, or Microsoft. There are people who come together and sometimes stay together. Sometimes people come and eventually those people part ways.  Sometimes decisions and choices are made that others won’t agree with.  All of it, is just business, at least, most of the time.

But also, you have to be ready for competition.

There’s a great clip early on in this documentary that talks about the challenges that come with being a CEO. Running a business as the CEO means that you’re going to have to constantly be ready for change.  You have to be ready for people coming at you who you least expect. You have to know that if you’re really good at what you’re doing, larger companies may come knocking. You have to know what you’re going to do, should that day ever arrive.

So much of starting And running a business comes down to you, knowing what to do.

You can’t really wing this stuff. In fact if you do, you’ll only get so far. At some point, depending on what your goals are, you’ll need to make sure you have someone who’s helping you along the way.

That’s mostly where Our business consultation services will come in handy for you.

Whether it’s helping you with your website, or making small suggestions that make a BIG difference – KingsteamInternational is ready to assist you!  IF you’ve watched Print the Legend already, leave your comments and thoughts on this powerful tech documentary below.


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