Why Business Owners Should Avoid Free Websites

I’m going to talk for a little bit about why business owners should avoid free websites as their ‘main business website” – and instead, opt to pay a professional to build their website, from the ground up.

One of the things I’d like to do more of through this part of Our website is offer some valuable information to Business Owners. I started building websites in 2004, mostly using pre-made templates that could be customized; tailored to match up with most business owners’ needs. However, quickly I discovered how difficult it is, to truly customize a template website without having ‘real knowledge of html’.

As I began to connect with other web designers and learn more about this craft, more and more opinions were emerging on how template-websites were a threat to freelance web designers.

That was the climate back in 2004. Nearly 10 years later that Climate has gotten worse with the addition of FREE Websites – like Wix, Weebly, and the new one, Squarespace.

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There are several FREE Websites on the internet today that a business owner can set up; without having to spend any money. For the vast majority of people who are just starting a business, money is tight and free websites are very appealing. Many business owners do not want to pay money for their website and this is the biggest mistake most business owners are making.

When we launched KingsTeamInternational.com – the main ‘selling point’ I put on all of my brochures, this website, and any related conversations I had; was that your website IS a representation of your small business. YOU need to be aware of how your website looks in comparison with other websites in the same field as you. In other words, know your competition, and make sure your website looks as nice, if not nicer than the rest. This is where free websites will fail you.

I’m not against using free websites for your business though. They can be great, ‘additional sources of traffic and exposure’ for you and anything you are doing.

In fact, intelligent business owners will use free websites like the ones I mentioned (though there are literally hundreds of companies offering free websites today) – to promote a product, a service or some kind of special event held by their company; and will “link back” to their Main Business Website. Hire a qualified web designer that can be part of your business and help your online representation grow along with your business. Maybe you don’t have the money to start out with something very nice, but at least you have the VISION to get there.

The investment you make in your website matters!

Going with free websites communicates a subtle message to your potential clients and customers, that you do not ‘care’ about quality.

Worse yet, it may also indicate you have no idea what quality actually is.

This is yet another reason I got into this field myself. I had 5 years of experience already in the small business arena Before launching this web design company. I noticed several business owners had no website back in 2004. Then as I began building websites for people, I quickly learned that business owners often have No training on how to be business owners.

So, I recommend Education through this website; and through my consultation services to all of my current and potential Clients.

A real business education will help you understand why so many business owners think that free websites are a good idea. It all comes back to the quality explanation of the ‘Cash Flow Quadrant’ by Robert Kiyosaki, author of books like “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, and “The Cashflow Quadrant”, as well as several other #1 best selling titles.

MOST business owners have a certain mentality, a certain way of thinking, that actually keeps them from ever experiencing real ‘cash flow’ –

Watch This video “The Cashflow Quadrant” – from Robert Kiyosaki

When you own a business that you are building, it is vital to have ‘business owner mentality’. I have been around business people for over 15 years now, and from my own experiences, I can say that You will begin to see most business owners, have ‘self employed’ thinking;.  They are strongly compelled to ‘do it all themselves’ …

This is who Free websites are the most appealing to.

Self Employed Mentality says, ‘if you want to get something done, and you want it done right, do it your self!’

Business Owner Mentality says ‘if you want to get something done, and you want it done right, Hire The Right People to Do it!

Thanks for stopping by to read about why business owners should avoid free websites – at least, as your ‘main website’. They have uses which can come in handy, and I will gladly consult with you on the Best Practices to get the Most out of these Free websites that are now widely available online today (and pretty easy to set up too). Contact me through our Web Design Page which has much more information on everything I can do for you and your business.

If you own a business, understand that while it doesn’t hurt you to know a little bit of everything, you do not have to “DO” everything.

The D word … delegation, is your friend as a business owner.

Free websites have a place, like all things do in business. Let me help you use them ‘the right way’ – Thanks again for stopping by.

(Get more business education through SeekingAHomeBusiness.com – brought to you by KingsTeamInternational.com )

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