Several of my clients want youTube videos that begin playing the moment visitors land on their website. It’s a feature that Youtube has made possible and often is a nice touch.  However, you may have noticed this feature doesn’t work on mobile devices.  There is A  great reason for this too. Turns out, we should all be glad that YouTube thought of this first. If you check out the YouTube Player API Reference Guide and visit the section For Mobile consideration, you’ll see this:

youtube autoplay on mobile

If you’re using a blog to publish content like several websites do, then it’s always a good thing to know a little bit about Youtube’s Embed code.  They provide it free allowing you and I to share videos in other places, like our own websites for example. We can also use additional ‘parameters’ that Youbue has built into their API. This allows you to decide whether related videos will show up at the end of the video you’ve shared, or if users can see the controls.

You may have different reasons for using the available parameters and that is where the autoplay parameter comes in. Unfortunately we live in a world where people do things that harm others. As a way of protecting cell phone users from corrupting their phones, people have to initiate videos on their own.   This is most likely the case with most embeded media. It will work on the web browser, but possibly not on the mobile device.

Youtube Videos are always a nice addition to your website

If you’re interested in adding music or video to your website, but want it to play on mobile devices, now you know why this is not possible. It’ll work on your website and you can do it yourself if you’re using a blog based platform. Set up a consultation with me to see if that would be a good option for your business needs. Anyone running a business that has ongoing updates, should have a blog ‘somewhere’ on their website. Let me know if you need help in learning how to use a blog for your business.

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  2. […] Why YouTube Videos Won’t Autoplay On Mobile Devices […]

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